Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Men’s Watches

 Valentine’s Day is almost here! As the days get closer to this lusty holiday, we want to carefully consider our gift ideas for a special somebody. Whether its for our fathers, husbands, boyfriends, or non-labeled sweeties (for your commitment phobes out there!), we want to give a gift of love to show our appreciation to have someone like him in our lives. Why not give a timeless gift, and purchase something he can wear to be reminded of you throughout the hours of a day: a watch. For your man of the hour, give him more than the time of day. Don’t know how to choose a watch for him? Take into consideration your budgetface dial, and straps when shopping for men’s watches:
Men's WatchesBudget: First things first, you must know how much we are willing to spend on this special guy. There are a range of watch styles to choose from, but knowing the amount you’re willing to spend will determine the watch brand and quality. Do not be afraid to shop around for the best deals. If you know a particular brand he would like, look around for specials and watch deals to help you save more. Make sure that you do not go over your budget, and keep your purchase practical. There is no need to buy your love. Your time is already valuable!   
Face Dial: The size of the face dial is crucial. Men’s watches are generally larger in size in comparison to women’s watches. The size of the face dial should be proportioned to the size of your man’s wrist or arm. If he is a big guy, look into larger sized faces to complement his style. If he is skinny or has a small wrist, do not purchase an oversize dial: he will look even smaller! A big sized watch on a small man is not too flattering, so be privy to a balanced look with the right sized accessory.
Straps: Watch straps vary in design. Most watch straps range from metal links, plastic looks, to leather bands. Depending on your man’s lifestyle, the straps of a watch greatly determine the overall look. Besides his image status in life, a man’s watch is a reflection of his personality. For example, if he is a professional or would like to be taken seriously, consider metal links as straps. Leather bands are good for a more polished look, and can also be worn as a fashionable piece. For the younger or casual guy, try looking for plastic variations for a more relaxed look.
Do not be disappointed if he does not wear your watch everyday. Usually, men match their watches like women match their shoes. Depending on the occasion, a specific watch style is complementary to his attire. Pick a watch style that is versatile and easily matches his personality. Make it a gift of love that is surely timeless!
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