Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Trend: Tassels

 What was once considered a decoration is winning the fashion scene. Acorns have long been known as ornaments in some luxury items. He was very popular, even during the medieval period. It is an art form itself designates the class and influence.As you can see in films about the monarchy and the royal families you see acorns Äôll surely to prevail in most of their articles. Acorns adorn tapestries, clothing and even uniforms.Even classical paintings and four poster beds were decorated with tassels. 

H11 Fashion Trend: Tassels
Now, AOS go ahead with the story and put acorns in the modern world. Some may even connote acorns that old-fashioned, but today the trend acorn OSA is far from that. Or, AOS about acorns in a fashionable way forward. Acorns have created a stir during the fashion week. Designer decorated with precious collections of acorns. Shoes and handbags were acorns big and bold. Acorns have been reinvented to suit the modern era. Since historical costumes were modern and intersecting lines of the participant, the participant's time to bring the acorns in your wardrobe. Parade of flares, chiffon dresses, lace and leather tops neighborhoods graced the catwalk.
The shoulder bag body is certainly a favorite spring / summer must-have. You can add a tassel to give a boost to his old self. If you want something functional with less bling and glitter is the perfect accessory the good old, acorn AO. Using acorns, it is important to know that less is always more. No need to put more of an acorn if you do, like medieval AOT. Ropes, tassels and fringes go well together. We'll see lots of ropes with tassels included in the accessories and clothing.
Handbags with tassels oversize Preppy loafers with tassels Contrasting color tassels However, Black and Silver Acorns Ciched tasseled ropes Chunky tassels and monogram Tassel Earrings

P12 Fashion Trend: Tassels
P22 Fashion Trend: Tassels
P33 Fashion Trend: Tassels

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