Friday, March 18, 2011

Floral Fashion Trend

 What to say goodbye to the winter cold and say hello to summer and spring. It is time to bring out your festive and colorful sets to the back of your wardrobe. Summer and spring flowers blooming out and basking in the sun. This year is no exception when it comes to flower power. Discover the latest trends so you can take inspiration on your next outfit.

This 2011 you will not have to be too "girly" for a casual dress floral. There are many choices of flowers to choose as tropical flowers, delicate flowers, floral hippy and romantic and classic floral prints. Leave your dress speak for itself and the channel of your stylish spring and summer style.

H33 Fashion Trend: Floral Fashion

Designer have to present their collections on the runways with cute floral printed glass held outside the traditional floral. Floral shoes were also very successful. Some of the designers who presented their floral collections include Erdem, Kenzo and Matthew Williamson. Some designers have managed to add an Asian touch to the floral aspect.

maxi dresses rompers,, mini skirts and dress were wild with floral prints. Neon colored coins have also been worn by the models. British dresses with accessories funked up were present at the Mulberry show. Jil Sander also experimenting with the look of flowers and does a great job balancing the flowers of subtle color.


Check floral tees, shirts and blazers.
Be sure to have a floral maxi dress. It is perfect for the beaches and all that summer getaways.
Try flowers as vintage floral cropped tops and floral rompers.
Experience and do not stick to the style typical floral.
Wear flowers with transparent fabrics, wide legged pants and oversized tops.
If you do not want to look like a garden shed some floral accessories. Floral show clips, hair flowers and other floral accessories can do the trick.

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