Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Shoe Trend: The Clogs

Spring / Summer is the perfect time to update your shoe collection. It's time to strut down the block with the pair of rack. This spring / summer we'll see a lot of nooks and shoes of famous fashion designers and fashionistas.

The designer's most important to popularize the shoes is Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel. He managed to create a good reputation to the reputation of the obstruction as a shoe for work in the good old days. Long ago farmers wore shoes in their work around their farms. Today, modern shoes are something that can be worn even in the most luxurious places.
H22 Fashion Shoe Trend:  The Clogs

Modern hooves are lighter and easier to carry. The bottom of the shoes are made of wood or cork. The upper is made of leather, fabric and canvas. Some of the shoes embellishments that adorn its lower or higher. Almost all the shoes are comfortable and practical. It can be worn with a dress, shorts and skirts.

H32 Fashion Shoe Trend:  The Clogs

How to wear:

Pair your dress shoes with this retro inspired look chic. Add to that a cardigan over your dress and accessories with the bag or vintage jewelry. Get inspired by famous designer's collection.
For a casual look pair your shoes with a high clear and jeans.
If you want a go nerd chic clogs with style one-of-a-kind and color combinations. Choose bright prints and fabrics.
If you want to choose a traditional style butcher fully covered. Sandals block as the style is a perfect alternative. There are many variations in style and design with clogs today.
By choosing your shoes, you should choose shoes that are comfortable and easy to use. Find shoes that fit your size and choose the right equipment as well. Be practical in your choices and choose something you can wear all the time.

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