Friday, March 18, 2011

Fashion Challenge: Hat

It is time to bring out your collection of hats. Spring and summer are the perfect time to wear his hat. The hats are beautiful hair accessories especially in spring. In addition, it can be a great cover for bad hair days. The trend of hair accessories that are big, bold and strong. Some hat styles that are functional and stylish:

Brim Hats

Brim hats are very popular. It is the perfect hot to wear during the summer. It provides protection against the harsh rays of the sun. The classic hats on small were made by fashion designers Marc Jacobs, Yohji Yamamoto and DSQUARED2. The vehicle-brimmed hat playful, fun and adventure. The colors of hats edge that has dominated the runway were creams and earth tones. The yellows and oranges also makes a big statement. Straw hats decorated with strip crown are the perfect choice. When hats on board to try to go for a hair loose or in disorder.

Raw edged Hats

This is another take on the wide-brimmed hats. A lot of natural fabrics and loose were seen at the track. Raw-edged look flamboyant hats. This type of hat goes well with any style of dress. You can certainly mix and match with any color and fabric. Wear this hat with her hair loose to create a casual look. If you want a little conservative link your hair into a braid.

Hats with cords and tassels

This type of hat is not for the timid. If you are a daughter before the fashion this hat is for you. dramatic head pieces with ornaments like cords and tassels transmit glam. These hats are the fashion itself in particular with its beautiful details. Add a dramatic touch to your outfit with hats in bright colors. Wear it with curly hair in bulk for more drama. The veiled hat can be combined with costumes. Tone to your outfit, if you choose to wear this hat.

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