Friday, December 31, 2010

Clothes fashion tips: learn what color can do for you

Clothes fashion tips to dress by: Color is a tool to create whatever illusion you wish. This is how you utilize this tool to look your personal best.
The colors you wear can make or break your look. Color can enhance your facial features, eye color, and shape of your body.It can also turn against you by hiding your body, accentuating the negative and even changing the perception of your natural color.Many people do not know which colors do and do not compliment their look. In addition, a person's favorite color to wear is often the worst possible color for their natural color scheme. To find the color palette is good for you, just look in the mirror at yourself and take a good inventory of some questions.
When you look in the mirror, the first thing you need to do is develop an understanding of your natural color. This means to observe the color of your eyes, your skin color and the color of your hair. Note how the color of your eyes compliments your hair.Observe how your skin reflects highlights in your hair. Get a good idea of how your hair color and complexion of working together.Once you've done that, decide what you want the color to do for you.

Do you want to highlight or minimize stresses in your hair? Do you want to downplay or enhance the intensity of the color of your eyes? Is this your pallid complexion more than you want? Are you having trouble understanding how to use the color of your new tan? Everything you want to do, the color can do for you. For example, if you wanted to play up the redness in your hair, you wear clothing that compliments the red tones. This does not wear a lot of red clothes. In fact, it would have a negative effect on your coloring. As a redhead, you would choose green hues, peach colors, beige and deep shades that compliment your hair to make your complexion appear pale or yellowish.Another example is if you want to minimize the intensity of the color of your eyes. Some people have blue eyes intense. bold blue eyes are beautiful, but may seem too intense when coupled with the colors blue or other blue that intensify the effect. Deep blue clothing would be used to intensify and bring out the light or pale blue eyes. To minimize and compliment bold blue eyes, wear pastels and deep neutral colors that are not captured by the eyes.
Color can even hide, reshape, or accentuate the appearance of body shape. To change the appearance of your shape, think in terms of light and dark combinations. Many women want to increase the apparent size of their breasts. One way this can be done with color is to choose a solid color for a dark skirt or pants with a printed or boldly colored top. Another area that some women want to reshape the hip area. A common practice is to wear all black or dark colors in an effort to minimize the curves and bumps. This can be cons-productive and attract attention to the region. Better camouflage is to use prints and patterns. While this may seem like it would make the hip area more pronounced, it does not. The eye is distracted by the multicolored print than the shape of the body.
Always remember that color choice is not a science. There is no one way that works for everyone. Illusion is the focus. Use color as a tool to create the illusion that you want. Take time with yourself to play with colors and patterns. It's the only way to understand who you are in color. You will no longer be relegated to picking outfits exactly as they are in the catalogs. You will not be stuck with a boring wardrobe for fear of experimentation.Decide what you want your air to be and then work a little magic of color on your own. Abracadabra!

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