Friday, September 10, 2010

Japanese Clothes: How To Wear Kimono

The kimono is a traditional form of clothing worn by Japanese women and men. There are many different kimono styles. We detail all the different forms of Japanese kimonos here.

Kimono Picture:
Traditional Japanese dancer Michiko Moriguchi appearing in a traditional Japanese kimono at the Japan Festival Melbourne.

The first part on how to wear a yukata - the casual Japanese kimono.
Step 1:
Hold the two collar ends (‘erisaki’) with the right hand. Place the yukata to the right side and take a step forward.
Step 2:
Bring the yukata over the back of the body. Open it up.
Step 3:
Wear the yukata over the shoulders. Hold both overlaps with both hands away from the body.
Step 4:
Hold the yukata tightly and lift it off the floor. Lower the yukata slowly to adjust its length. The skirting of the yukata is worn just above the ankles.

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